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Responsive Website & Online Store

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Who: Crome LLC.

What: Website & Online Store Design

Why: Upon developing the CRoME brand, a need for an online presence was apparent to promote the brand and its apparel. The website maintains the core ideals of the brand, keeping an elegant and clean look, while also being stylish. The responsive design allows users to access the website from any device without losing the design style. A user editable media section allows new content to be added to the site as needed, along with tie-ins to social media & a dynamic calendar stays current with performances, videos, pictures and classes.

Role: Front-End Development, Concept Development & Design

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Rebrand Proposal

Proposal page

Who: The City of Annapolis

What: Rebrand Proposal (Concept)

Why: Designed as part of a corporate branding course, the project scope tasked students with research, conceptualizing and subsequently developing a rebranding proposal for their state capital. The proposal establishes Annapolis’ need for a more modern identity, inline with current age and tourism demographics, while maintaining the same sense of strength, American values, honor and tradition.

Role: Research, Concept Development, Copywriting, Layout & Design

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AIGA: Design on Tap

Advertising & Event Branding

Design on Tap Instagram

Who: AIGA Baltimore

What: Event Branding & Promo Graphic

Why: Designed to promote a new event series offered by AIGA Baltimore, a networking happy hour for creatives. The event will be promoted mostly online via email, over social media (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) and on the AIGA Baltimore website. The design plays off of the chalkboard art commonly seen in and outside of bars & restaurants in many cities, especially true throughout Baltimore.

Role: Concept Development & Design

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Rogue Squirrel

Branding, Web & Apparel Design

Rogue Squirrel Logos

Who: Rogue Squirrel, Inc.

What: Branding, Web & Apparel Design

Why: A graphic apparel brand & screen printing company specializing in designs that often featured anything from tongue-in-cheek humor to comic book references to hip-hop appreciation etc. Rogue Squirrel’s varied designs related to a broad demographic both stylistically and personally. In managing the brand’s image, design needs ranged from t-shirt designs, to website creation & maintenance, email newsletter designs, promo postcards, custom tags for shirts, web ads etc.

Role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Copywriting & Design

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Rogue Squirrel Sean Taylor Collection
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identity development and apparel design


Who: Crome LLC.

What: Identity Development

Why: CRoME is a high-end performance, education and fashion brand that specializes in hip-hop dance choreography and instruction. The brand identity needed to represent the sense of quality, strength, intelligence, dynamism and professionalism of its owner Maryland native choreographer & performer Crishon Jerome Landers.

Role: Art Direction, Concept Development & Design


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Parnassus Boards

Branding • Merchandising


Who: Parnassus Skateboards

What: Identity, Collateral & Merchandise

Why: In Greek Mythology Mount Parnassus—the landing spot for the boat of King Deucalion (son of Prometheus) and his wife Pyrrha—revealed itself as a source of refuge, strength and protection after the waters of the great flood had receded. Parnassus Boards as a skateboarding & lifestyle brand represents a similar strength, quality, and dependability, for skaters with heart, passion and grace. Seeking out those who strive to take their skills to the highest peaks, all the while doing it with flair. The geometric style of the design represents the precise nature of skateboarding, as well as the angular nature of skate environments.

Role: Concept Development & Design


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Tampa Bay Suns

Team Branding


Who: Phoenix Suns Basketball

What: Team Relocation Concept

Why: This rebranding and relocation of the Phoenix Suns to Tampa Bay utilizes colors and design styles that are indicative of the Tampa Bay area. The sun setting into the net logo was a way to differentiate the design, without going the clichéd basketball as sun idea. Apparel design plays off of the bright and fun Tampa-based color palette.

Role: Concept Creation & Design


Ginger Beauty

Identity Development, Collateral, Website


Who: Ginger Beauty, LLC.

What: Identity Design, Website & Bus. Card

Why: Ginger Beauty is cosmetics and lifestyle brand that specializes in eyelash extensions, custom makeups and one-to-one consultations. The brand identity and website needed to bring an edgy appeal, with a personal touch that could simultaneously reflect the professional, smart, chic and fun clientele that Ginger Beauty serves.

Role: Concept Development & Design


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XYPI – Call Me Zippy

Branding • Advertising

Who: XY P.I.

What: Branding, Packaging & Ad Concept

Why: A re-imagining of the branding for the computer mouse, had it gone by its original name, “XY Position Indicator” with a modern twist. The “Zippy” nickname was a catchy way to pronounce the abbreviation and add memorability; with a retro futuristic design, a tip-of-the-hat to the early days of the PC.

Role: Concept Creation & Design


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