Hi my name is


and I’m a “devsigner”. That means I design … anything.
But I think empathy, and creative strategy should play a role in everything.

With over 20 years in the profession, I have grown into a fiercely passionate designer, open collaborator, and thoughtful leader focused on community and organizational transformation. I enjoy doing the hard work (and hard thinking) needed to produce outcomes that matter for people. Certified in design thinking and skilled in an array of design disciplines, with proficiency in data research, web development, communication facilitation, and user experience. I’ll design anything, with empathy and creative strategy playing a role in everything.

Over the past decade, I’ve has been at the forefront of helping numerous organizations leverage design as a strategic conduit of innovation. Employing service and human-centered design practices, my work has developed ethical and inclusive solutions to the mutual benefit of organizations and their representative communities.

Currently, I serve as Global UX Manager for Stanley Black & Decker leading a team of user experience designers, researchers, and strategists. With an emphasis on collaboration, my work is helping reshape the way internal teams work together to bring about a streamlined user-centered design and development process.

When not immersed in design, I enjoy sports, spending as much time as I can lost outdoors or around large bodies of water, cooking, big ideas, engaging in deep (or ridiculous) discussions with whoever will listen, and hanging out with my soulmate, and daughter.

“devsigner”—a jack-of-all-trades designer who blends strategic thinking, creativity, and technical prowess to provide solutions for digital, physical, human, and organizational problems.