Parnassus Skateboards


Parnassus Boards

Branding • Merchandising


Who: Parnassus Skateboards

What: Identity, Collateral & Merchandise

Why: In Greek Mythology Mount Parnassus—the landing spot for the boat of King Deucalion (son of Prometheus) and his wife Pyrrha—revealed itself as a source of refuge, strength and protection after the waters of the great flood had receded. Parnassus Boards as a skateboarding & lifestyle brand represents a similar strength, quality, and dependability, for skaters with heart, passion and grace. Seeking out those who strive to take their skills to the highest peaks, all the while doing it with flair. The geometric style of the design represents the precise nature of skateboarding, as well as the angular nature of skate environments.

Role: Concept Development & Design


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