Walking With Poster, Get Out The Vote.

Don’t Like It? Vote.

Get Out the Vote Poster

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What: Get Out The Vote Poster Campaign

Why: No matter where you fall on the discussion, the most effective way to get your voice heard is by voting and getting involved in the political process. Instead of complaining about what you don’t like, show it and vote. Change doesn’t come simply due to a hashtag, or even a march; it comes when we step up, do our civic duty, and let those accountable know that we are watching, listening, and expecting improved outcomes for all of our communities.

Role: Concept Development & Design

AIGA Design: Get Out The Vote Gallery Site >

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Marisela Ali Birth Announcement Feature
Marisela Birth Announcement Header

Marisela Ali

Birth Announcement Card

Marisela Ali Birth Announcement Close-up

Who: Marisela Ali Carter

What: Birth Announcement

Why: Postcard mailer announcing the birth of my daughter.

Role: Concept Development & Design

Marisela Ali Birth Announcement Front
Marisela Ali Birth Announcement Scattered
Marisela Ali Birth Announcement Back
Marisela Ali Birth Announcement Scattered 2
Rogue Squirrel Binary Shirt
Shirt Collection Header

Shirt Design Collection

Rogue Squirrel Binary Shirt

Who: Rogue Squrirel, et al.

What: Shirt & Apparel Design

Why: A collection of shirt designs created over the years for Rogue Squirrel, special events and a number of the company’s partners.

Role: Concept Development, Garment Selection, Screen Printing & Design

Rogue Squirrel Binary Shirt
Rogue Squirrel Typo Shirt
Rogue Squirrel The Formula Shirt
Rogue Squirrel Logo Outline Shirt
Culture Shock Ain't A Hobby Shirt
Rogue Squirrel Circles 9 Shirt
Rogue Squirrel Danger Shirt
Rogue Squirrel Danger Shirt Back
Rogue Squirrel Sean Taylor Shirt
Urban Artistry Shirt
Rogue Squirrel You People
Rogue Squirrel + Urban Artistry Soul Society Shirt
Rogue Squirrel Smart Went Crazy Shirt
Rogue Squirrel Smart Went Crazy Shirt Grey
Rogue Squirrel Spotlight Black
Rogue Squirrel Spotlight Purple
Rogue Squirrel Smart Went Crazy Shirt Yellow
Rogue Squirrel Smart Went Crazy Shirt Yellow Back
Annapolis Feature Image
Annapolis Header Image


Rebrand Proposal

Proposal page

Who: The City of Annapolis

What: Rebrand Proposal (Concept)

Why: Designed as part of a corporate branding course, the project scope tasked students with research, conceptualizing and subsequently developing a rebranding proposal for their state capital. The proposal establishes Annapolis’ need for a more modern identity, inline with current age and tourism demographics, while maintaining the same sense of strength, American values, honor and tradition.

Role: Research, Concept Development, Copywriting, Layout & Design

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Annapolis Cover
Annapolis Opening Spread
Annapolis Spread 2
Rogue Squirrel Feature
Rogue Squirrel Header

Rogue Squirrel

Branding, Web & Apparel Design

Rogue Squirrel Logos

Who: Rogue Squirrel, Inc.

What: Branding, Web & Apparel Design

Why: A graphic apparel brand & screen printing company specializing in designs that often featured anything from tongue-in-cheek humor to comic book references to hip-hop appreciation etc. Rogue Squirrel’s varied designs related to a broad demographic both stylistically and personally. In managing the brand’s image, design needs ranged from t-shirt designs, to website creation & maintenance, email newsletter designs, promo postcards, custom tags for shirts, web ads etc.

Role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Copywriting & Design

Rogue Squirrel Biz Card
Rogue Squirrel Postcard
Rogue Squirrel Email Ad
Rogue Squirrel Newsletter
Rogue Squirrel Sean Taylor Splash Page
Rogue Squirrel Sean Taylor Collection
Sean Taylor Wings Front
alt="Sean Taylor Wings Back"
Rogue Squirrel Home Page
Rogue Squirrel Store
Rogue Squirrel Inside Page
Rogue Squirrel Site Ads 4up
Rogue Squirrel Site Ads 3up
Rogue Squirrel Ads 2up
Rogue Squirrel Fill Ad & Custom Tags

Great Smoky Mountains

Brochure Design


Who: Great Smoky National Park

What: Brochure Design

Why: A promotional brochure for Great Smoky National Park, a means to drive visitation and exploration within the park. The design concept included a conscious decision to have descriptions and other text take a backseat to the imagery, thus allowing the park to sell itself by-way of its beautiful scenery. The layout was meant to take the reader on a journey, with the gate-fold design used to evoke a sense of exploration and build anticipation from a first-person perspective; with a newer, even more majestic view behind each fold.

Role: Concept Development & Design



identity development and apparel design


Who: Crome LLC.

What: Identity Development

Why: CRoME is a high-end performance, education and fashion brand that specializes in hip-hop dance choreography and instruction. The brand identity needed to represent the sense of quality, strength, intelligence, dynamism and professionalism of its owner Maryland native choreographer & performer Crishon Jerome Landers.

Role: Art Direction, Concept Development & Design


Check out this sketch & others:
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Tampa Bay Suns

Team Branding


Who: Phoenix Suns Basketball

What: Team Relocation Concept

Why: This rebranding and relocation of the Phoenix Suns to Tampa Bay utilizes colors and design styles that are indicative of the Tampa Bay area. The sun setting into the net logo was a way to differentiate the design, without going the clichéd basketball as sun idea. Apparel design plays off of the bright and fun Tampa-based color palette.

Role: Concept Creation & Design


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Book Cover Redesign


Who: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy

What: Cover Redesign Concept

Why: This redesign of a sci-fi classic intended to add a sense of wonder and curiosity that is typical within the genre. The design incorporates certain thematic elements found within storyline, such as: the towel, the number 42, and a general space adventure & exploration aspect via the starry field upon which we find the foreground figure gazing.

Role: Concept Development & Design


The Mars Volta

Event Poster


Who: The Mars Volta

What: Poster Design

Why: This Dada-inspired poster design was created as a tour promotion for The Mars Volta’s album Noctourniquet. Influenced by the album name, “Noctourniquet” a portmanteau of nocturne and tourniquet the design references the theme of capture, and subjugation prevalent in many of the songs. The imagery portrays that of a bad dream and someone hoping for escape. The background was created by layering watercolor paintings representing Heaven and Hell, with a cut out of opposing faces laid atop to imply a sense of struggle. The hand-made lettering was meant to play off of a ransom note, again following the same theme of capture.

Role: Concept Creation & Design