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Company: Unleashed Technologies

Client: Accutrition

What: Website Design & Wireframing

Why: The goal of this site redesign was to build a responsive structure, refreshing look and more user friendly experience to the current site. Some of the key UX/company goals revolved around helping the user find key items as quickly as possible, highlighting the newly introduced blog, gain rewards members, and create a pleasing purchasing experience for new & longtime customers (many of whom prefer to call-in to with a rep). The design solved these issues by adding featured products which identifies the top purchased items, prominently featuring the rewards program on the home page (and checkout page), and optimizing the product page in a number of ways to make adding items to cart, browsing the item info, or contacting customer service equally as easy.

Role: Concept Development, Live Wireframe Development, UX, & Design

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Click Here For Live Wireframe & UX Concept >(Live Pages: Home, Shop Brand Dropdown, Shop Category Dropdown, and View Cart)

Accutrition Comp Desktop Design
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